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Engineering Consulting Client Services (continued)

System Design, Construction, and Analyses

Assess the potential for developing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
Prepare feasibility reports to allow project developers to determine project viability (technical, economic, and environmental).
Advise and assist owners, contractors, engineers and suppliers on the design and construction of renewable energy systems and energy efficient facilities.
Advise and assist customers in the design, construction and financing of their own renewable energy and energy efficiency systems.
Develop project technical requirements.
Provide design assistance for various phases of each project (conceptual design, preliminary design, and final design).
Conduct design review and planning.
Assist in system layout and technology selection.
Assist in bid and proposal evaluation and construction and equipment procurement.
Assist in drafting and negotiating procurement, engineering and construction agreements and operations and maintenance (O&M) agreements.
Provide project planning, development, and management services.
Provide system startup, performance evaluation, and reporting services.
Provide project operations support, including project commissioning.
Conduct system reliability assessments.

Technology Assessments

Conduct technology characterizations.
Conduct comprehensive studies to evaluate renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.
Analyze and compare competing conventional and renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.
Help government agencies and private sector companies determine the technical viability of various technologies or systems.
Recommend the most cost effective and appropriate technologies for a specific application.

Utility Integration and Interconnection

Identify interconnection and transmission access requirements.
Assist in conducting transmission and interconnection studies.
Conduct energy storage and power quality studies.
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