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Engineering Consulting Client Services (continued)

Project Siting, Environmental Impact Assessment, Permitting, and Approvals

Establish and conduct renewable energy resource assessment programs to determine temporal and spatial availability.
Assist in site selection and acquisition.
Assist in securing land and water rights.
Assist in Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Analysis, and environmental compliance support.
Identify and advise on environmental, health and safety requirements and pollution control strategies.
Assist in identifying and obtaining all necessary permits and approvals from federal, state and local governments.
Assist in obtaining public acceptance and support.
Advise on implementation of government programs and assist clients in formulating environmental management systems and policies.
Provide operational and environmental testing start-up assistance.


Conduct regulatory compliance studies.
Identify regulatory requirements and performance measures.
Assist in regulatory policy planning.
Assist with utility integrated resource plans.
Develop renewable portfolio standard compliance plans.

Research and Development Support

Help establish renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D objectives.
Assist in planning and execution of renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D activities.
Assist in technology transfer for promising new renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Sustainable Design and Green Building Services

Provide sustainable development program design and implementation assistance.
Promote whole-building, integrated practices.
Assist companies manage issues of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.
Provide project management for sustainable design and green building development and demonstration projects.
Assist companies report publicly on their environmental practices and the sustainability of their business model.
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