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Engineering Consulting Client Services (continued)

Policy Development and Legislative Initiatives

Conduct in-depth technical and policy assessments.
Predict and analyze policy trends.
Advise policymakers and program managers.
Provide critical guidance on how to meet policy objectives.
Establish and manage relationships with elected officials, regulators and community opinion leaders to support project development.
Provide research, testimony, reports and regulatory support to consumer advocates, environmental organizations, regulatory commissions, state energy offices, and others.
Work collaboratively with businesses, public interest groups, and other organizations to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency technology development and deployment.
Provide lobbying support for policy development and legislative initiatives.
Assist in negotiations, formulation of climate law policy, and project development in the areas of carbon transactions, renewable energy and greenhouse gas reform.
Assist in developing legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions, establish renewable portfolio standards, and promote energy efficiency.

Pollution Control

Conduct air and water pollution analyses and recommend management strategies.
Promote renewable energy and energy efficiency as pollution reduction strategies.

Project Financing

Conduct financial analyses and modeling of renewable energy and energy efficiency project economics.
Conduct utility avoided cost analyses.
Identify specific investment opportunities, and identify strategic and institutional equity investors.
Assist in identifying prospective commercial term debt financing sources.
Assist in developing power and renewable energy credit purchase agreements.
Identify and apply for selected public sector financing support programs.
Help projects to take advantage of tax, and other financial, incentives including tax-exempt bonds, Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, clean energy investment tax credits, new market tax credits, and renewable energy production tax credits.
Identify and analyze Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Trading Programs.
Help create Green Tag Energy Credits and other green pricing options for the producers of renewable energy.