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Photovoltaic Project Experience

A Proposal for Hawaii’s Entry in the GM Sunrayce USA 1990 (Pro, PM-D)

Comparative Technical and Economic Analyses of Two Candidate Companies (Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. and Chronar Corp.) for Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for the Construction of a PV Panel Manufacturing Facility in Hawaii (PM-D, TA, EA, Rep)

Conducted a preliminary assessment of a 1.25 MW (DC)/1.03 MW (AC) PV system for an application in French Polynesia (Con, EA, SA, TA)

Design, Install and Monitor PV-powered Lighting Systems at Ten Selected Remote Bus Stops on Oahu (Pro, PM-D)

Development and Application of a Computer-based Simulation Model for Photovoltaic Systems to Predict Performance and Life-cycle Economics (Pro, PM-D)

Drafted legislation, and prepared and presented testimony, which authorizes the issuance of $100 million in general obligation bonds for energy efficiency programs in state facilities (patterned after the “Vote Solar” initiative in San Francisco) (Leg)

Electrical Energy by Means of Photovoltaic Power for the Hawaiian Fishing Village of Milolii on the South Kona Coast of the Island of Hawaii (PM-D)

Hawaii Solar Energy Research Laboratory (Pro, PM-C)

Ka’ahele La (Tour of the Sun) Interscholastic Photovoltaic-Powered Vehicle Competition - Pilot Program (PM-D)

Ka’ahele La (Tour of the Sun) Interscholastic Photovoltaic-Powered Vehicle Competition - Year 2 (PM-D)

Ka’ahele La Newsletter (Pub)

Ka’ahele La Training Video (Assist)

Large Residential Stand-Alone Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Power System - Ke Ea o Ka La - The Life Force of the Sun (PM-D)

Mini Solar Car Program (PM-D)
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