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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Project Experience

Applications of OTEC-Related Technologies in Hawaii (Pre, Pub)

Assessment of the Technical and Economic Potential for Hydrogen Production With OTEC Electricity and Desalinated Water (PM-D)

Conducted a preliminary assessment of a 1.65-MW (gross)/1.04 MW (net) OTEC power plant for an application in French Polynesia (Con, EA, SA, TA)

Coupling Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology With a Floating Nuclear Island (TA, Pub)

Demonstration OTEC Power Plant ‘Demi-OTEC’ for the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii - A Concept Design and Economic Feasibility Study (PM-D)

Feasibility Analysis for Establishment of NELHA [Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority]-Type Facilities at Other Locations in Hawaii (PM-D, EA, SA, TA, Rep)

Feasibility Study for the Application of OTEC in Puerto Rico (TA, EA, Pub)

Incentives for the Development of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in Oceania (TA, Pub)

NELHA-Type Facilities Project-Phase 2 (PM-D, EA, SA, TA)

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology (Pub)

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: A Review, Chapter II. OTEC Principle and Resource and Chapter III. Historic Development and Present Status of OTEC (TA, EA, Pub)

Preliminary Design of a Kalina-Cycle OTEC Power Plant at the Proposed NELHA-Type Facility at Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii (PM-D, EA, SA, TA)

Preliminary Design of an NELHA-Type Facility at Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii (PM-D, EA, SA, TA)

State of Hawaii Request to Designate Hawaii (& U.S. Pacific Trust Territories) as a Specific Site for Favorable OTEC Property Tax Treatment (PM-D, Rep)

Systems Optimization for an Integrated Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Plant (Con, Pro)
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