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Biomass Energy Project Experience

Demonstration of a Cost-effective Digester Gas Utilization System, Consisting of a Generator to Produce Electricity from Digester Gas, at the Kailua Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (PM-D)

Demonstration of the Effective Utilization of Biogas Produced by Anaerobic Digestion of Animal Wastes at Happy Hula Hog Farm and M&H Kaneshiro Farm (PM-D)

Determine Whether or Not Density Stratification Occurs with Fast Injection of Fertilizer, March 1983, Oahu Sugar Company, Ltd. Field No. 81 main irrigation water distribution line (PM-HS)

Economic Analysis of the Substitution of Coal for Bagasse in Plantation Boilers and Alternative Uses of the Resulting Surplus Bagasse (EA, TA)

Evaluate the Potential of Biogas Production and Waste Treatment Via Anaerobic Digestion of Stillage (a By-product of Ethanol Production) (SA, EA)

Evaluation of Biomass Handling and Drying Processes (SA)

Evaluation of the Effects of Bagasse/Biomass Dryers on Combustion Efficiency and Particulate Emissions (SA)

Evaluation of Uniformity of Distribution of Fertilizer After Fast Injection Into a Drip Irrigation System, 1981 on Oahu Sugar Company, Ltd. Field No. 221A - Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii (PM-HS)

Hawaii Ethanol From Molasses Program (SA, EA, Pub)

Heat Pumps for Drying Agricultural Products and Producing Process Heat (Pro)

Preliminary Evaluation and Feasibility Study of the Production of Gaseous, Liquid, and Solid Fuels and By-products from Sugar Industry Biomass Feedstocks (Pro)

Preliminary Evaluation of an Alternative to Field Burning of Leafy Sugar Cane Biomass (Trash) (Pro)

Preliminary Feasibility Study of Converting to Electricity the Waste Heat Generated During Raceway Production of Algae (SA)

Simulation of Fast Injection of Fertilizer and Evaluation of Fertilizer Distribution in a Single Lateral as a Function of Time (After) and Distance (From) Fertilizer Injection, HSPA, Kunia, May 6, 1983, (PM-HS)
Alternative Fuels
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