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Geothermal Energy Project Experience

(Rezachek & Associates does not have any direct Geothermal Energy Project Experience; however, the following projects dealt with a variety of renewable energy resources, including geothermal.)

Comprehensive Review and Evaluation of Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Resource Assessments (PM-D)

Development of a Matrix of Permit Requirements for Various Renewable Energy Technologies as a Component of Permit Process Facilitation (Pro, PM-D)

Energy and Environmental Summit (Energy: Supply-Side and Transportation Committees) (Educ, Leg)

Enhancing Renewable Energy Development in Hawaii (EREDH) Workshop (PM-D, Org, Pub)

Integrated Electric Utility Program (PM-D)

International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) (Assist)

Renewable Energy Research, Development, Commercialization, and Export Promotion Plan for Hawaii (PM-D, Rep)

Renewable Energy Resource Assessment and Development Program (PM-D)

Renewable Energy Resource Supply Curves Computer Model (PM-D)

Technical and Economic Analyses of Various Integrated Resources Planning (IRP) Supply-Side Alternatives (TA, EA)
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