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Engineering Consulting Client Services (continued)

Education and Training

Organize and execute energy-related seminars, conferences, symposia, and presentations.
Develop presentation materials.
Develop and provide on-line and on-site energy education seminars and courses.
Develop and conduct renewable energy and energy efficiency technology training programs.

Energy Efficiency Services

Conduct energy audits and assessments.
Identify appropriate energy conservation measures.
Perform building energy system integration and commissioning.

Energy Rating System Analyses and Implementation

Provide LEED and Energy STAR consulting.
Help customers obtain Energy STAR and LEED ratings.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Reduction

Assist clients in quantifying emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).
Assist companies with estimating and reporting GHG emissions, energy consumption, and criteria pollutant emissions.
Identify evolving policies related to climate change and how such policy changes might impact clients.
Help develop practical strategies to address greenhouse gas emissions.
Work with companies and governments to reduce their carbon footprints.
Assist with emissions trading under federal legislation and state implementation plans.

Marketing Studies and Analyses

Advise on current financing energy and technology market conditions.
Identify market impediments and ways to overcome these impediments.
Conduct market research.
Develop and implement marketing strategies.
Evaluate market implications of various technology development and policy options.

Miscellaneous Energy-Related Services

Develop custom energy software applications.
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