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Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) Project Experience (continued)

Participated in the due diligence processes conducted by various potential financing sources for the downtown Honolulu SWAC District Cooling Project (Con, TA)

Participated in SWAC marketing process and was instrumental in obtaining Letters of Intent for the majority of the 7,840 tons of committed capacity (of the minimum 20,000 tons required). Prepared a draft proposal for commitment of an additional 3,480 tons of committed capacity for State of Hawaii buildings. Also prepared a request for a ruling by the U.S. Department of Energy that will formally designate SWAC as a renewable technology that will allow the GSA to count SWAC as part of its renewable energy requirements under EPACT 2005 and EO 13423 (Con, EA, TA)

Potential and Benefits for District Cooling Using Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) Integrated with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) (Pre, Pub)

Potential Applications of Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) in Hawaii (Pre, Pub)

Preliminary Statewide Assessment of Seawater Air Conditioning for Hawaii - Phase 1: West Beach, Oahu, Hawaii (PM-D)

Prepared and distributed newsletters and fact sheets (Con)

Prepared and gave project-related presentations (Con)

Prepared a number of detailed analyses, over the last 4+ years, to support HSWAC’s case for raising the current HECO rebate for SWAC (This effort was successful) (Con)

Prepared a preliminary feasibility study for a SWAC system in French Polynesia (Con, EA, SA, TA)

Prepared a seawater air conditioning value analysis using nominal, real, and risk-adjusted discount rates that takes into account all benefits provided by SWAC (including externalities benefits) (Con, EA, SA, TA)

Prepared an analysis of imported oil savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions from 100,000 tons of SWAC as well as equivalents for other renewable energy and energy efficiency alternatives (Con, EA, SA, TA)

Prepared an RFP and RFQ to select HSWAC’s permit manager - The Environmental Company (TEC) and worked closely with TEC to identify permitting requirements, to participate in public outreach initiatives, and to participate in meetings with county, State, and federal agencies that deal with the Project (Con, TA)
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