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Renewable Energy - General - Project Experience (continued)

Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) Strategic Planning Committee (PM-D, Mem)

Prepared and provided testimony in support of direct negotiations for State land leases for renewable energy projects (Leg) 

Prepared and provided testimony in support of legislation that requires the public utilities commission to develop and adopt a standard power purchase contract for the purchase of electricity by public utilities from non-fossil fuel producers (Leg)

Renewable Energy for Sustainable Tourism (Pre)

Renewable Energy Potential on Oahu (Con, Rep)

Renewable Energy Research, Development, Commercialization, and Export Promotion Plan for Hawaii (PM-D, Rep)

Renewable Energy Resource Assessment and Development Program (PM-D)

Renewable Energy Resource Supply Curves Computer Model (PM-D)

Technical and Economic Analyses of Proposed Renewable Energy Policy Initiatives (Pro, PM-D)

Technical and Economic Analyses of Various Integrated Resources Planning (IRP) Supply-Side Alternatives (TA, EA)

The Energy Express - Mobile Energy Education Demonstration Trailer (Pro, PM-D)

The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Renewable Energy Systems Project (PM-D)

Uila Kupono I Hawai’i (Natural Energy in Hawaii) Videotape (Assist)

Utility Integration of Renewable Energy Resources (Pro, PM-D)

Utility Load Matching Computer Model (PM-D)

Renewable Energy Project Due Diligence

Independent Market Advisory Services to the Department of Energy (DOE) in Support of a Loan Guarantee Application from First Wind Holdings LLC (Con)
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