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Publications, Reports, and Presentations (continued)

Rezachek, David A. (Hawaii contributor). 1996. “U.S. Hydropower Resource Assessment for Hawaii,” Prepared by James E. Francfort, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, for the U.S. Department of Energy, DOE/ID-10430(HI), September 1996, 48 pages (Pub)

Rezachek, David A. 1996. “Hawaii Ocean Resources Management Plan - Energy. Presentation to the Marine and Coastal Zone Management Advisory Group (MACZMAG),” June 7, 1996 (Pre)

Rezachek, David A.; Seki, Art; and Sakai, Ken. 1995. “The PVUSA - Hawaii Satellite Projectin Proceedings of the 1995 ASME/JSME/JSES International Solar Energy Conference, Session Sol-24 Terrestrial Photovoltaics, March 19-24, 1995, Lahaina, Hawaii (Pub, Pre, Invited Paper, Award for Best Photovoltaic Paper)

Rezachek, David A. 1995. “Heat Pipes Control Humidity Without Moving Parts, Transitions,” Issue 49, August 1995, page 2 (Pub)

Rezachek, David A. 1995. “Air Conditioning With Cold Seawater Holds Promise, Transitions,” Issue 48, May 1995, page 2 (Pub)

Rezachek, David A. 1994. Presentation at/Government Support to Industry Panel Member for the Hawaii Windpower Workshop, March 21-22, 1994, Honolulu, Hawaii (Pre)

Rezachek, David A. 1994. “1993 Pali Challenge and Hawaii EV 2010 Final Report,” Submitted to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on behalf of the Electric Vehicle Association of Hawaii (Rep)

Rezachek, David A. 1993. “Development of a Solar Pond System Design Computer Modelin Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference PROGRESS IN SOLAR PONDS, University of Texas - El Paso, May 27, 1993 (Pub, Pre)

Rezachek, David A. 1992-1993. Electric Vehicle Association of Hawaii (EVAH) Newsletter, 4 issues (Pub)

Rezachek, David A. 1992. “Development of a Solar Pond Systems Design Computer Model,” Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1991, University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 217 pages, Order Number 9215036 (TA, EA, Pub, Pre)

Rezachek, David A. 1990. “State of Hawaii Request to Designate Hawaii (& U.S. Pacific Trust Territories) as a Specific Site for Favorable OTEC Property Tax Treatment,” Submitted by Roger A. Ulveling, Director, Department of Business and Economic Development, on behalf of John, Waihee, Governor of Hawaii, to the Internal Revenue Service, February 28, 1990, 49 pages (Rep)
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