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Energy Efficiency / Energy Conservation Project Experience (continued)

Integration of Energy Storage With Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) Systems (PM-D, EA, SA, TA)

Preliminary Statewide Assessment of Seawater Air Conditioning for Hawaii - Phase 1: West Beach, Oahu, Hawaii (PM-D)

Prepared a manual for implementation of Act 77 - Relating to Energy Resources - Part II: Energy Efficiency in State Facilities (SB 2179, SD2, HD1, CD2 - Twenty-First Legislature, 2002, State of Hawaii) (PM-D, Leg)

Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) Atlas for Hawaii (Pro, PM-D)

Sea Water District Cooling Feasibility Analysis for the State of Hawaii (PM-D, EA, SA, TA, Pub)

Solar-Assisted Air Conditioning and Heat Pipe Dehumidification Demonstration Project (PM-D)

Sugar Industry Energy Conservation Guidebook (PM-HS, Pub [Draft])

Sugar Industry Pump Test/Efficiency Program (PM-HS)

Heat Pumps

Application of Heat pumps to Residential Water Heating (Evaluation of Solar Assisted Heat Pumps) (M.S. Thesis, TA, EA, Pub, Pre)

Former member, Board of Directors, Essential Innovations

Heat Pumps for Drying Agricultural Products and Producing Process Heat (Pro)
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