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Global Climate Change / Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Drafted, prepared and presented testimony, and achieved passage of legislation to require the government of the State of Hawaii to significantly improve its energy management in state facilities in order to save taxpayer dollars and reduce emissions that contribute to air pollution and global climate change (Leg)

Prepared an analysis of imported oil savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions from 100,000 tons of SWAC as well as equivalents for other renewable energy and energy efficiency alternatives (Con, SA, TA)

Prepared and presented testimony, and helped achieved passage of legislation that establishes as state policy statewide greenhouse gas emissions limits at or below the statewide greenhouse gas emissions levels in 1990 to be achieved by January 1, 2020 and establishes greenhouse gas emissions reduction task force to prepare a work plan and regulatory scheme to achieve the statewide greenhouse gas emissions limits (Con, SA, TA, Leg)

Preparing an alternative (to HECO’s) Integrated Resource Plan which provides for more aggressive renewable energy and demand side management development and which will allow HECO to meet State of Hawaii 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements (Con, EA, SA, TA)

Presentation on “Renewable Energy Options and Strategies for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” to the HECO IRP Advisory Group Technical Sessions Climate Change / Global Warming, in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 8, 2007 (Pre, Pub)
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