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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Project Experience (continued)

Hawaii EV’93 - An Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Conference and Trade Show (PM-E, Org)

Identification of Potential Applications of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (Pro, PM-E)

Ka’ahele La (Tour of the Sun) Interscholastic Photovoltaic-Powered Vehicle Competition - Pilot Program (PM-D)

Ka’ahele La (Tour of the Sun) Interscholastic Photovoltaic-Powered Vehicle Competition - Year 2 (PM-D)

Ka’ahele La Tour of the Sun Newsletter (Pub)

Ka’ahele La Training Video (Assist)

Mini Solar Car Program (PM-D)

Operational Testing of Electric Vehicles (PM-C)

Participated in the 1990 World Solar Challenge, a 1,900-mile solar car race from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia. Led a team of high school students to become the first high school team to finish this race. Finished 18th out of 36 teams (PM-D, Educ)

Photovoltaic/Wind-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Utility-Intertied Energy Storage System (Pro)

Preliminary Analysis of the Effects on Electric Power Supply and Distribution Systems of the Introduction of Large Numbers of Electric Vehicles in Hawaii and the Benefits of Load Shifting and Time-of-Day Electric Rates (SA)

Preliminary Research on the Development of a Permanent State-wide Infrastructure to Support Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Use (Pro)

“Straw Man” Pre-Proposal for the U. S. Dept. of Defense Electric Vehicle Technology Demonstration Program on behalf of the Electric Vehicle Association of Hawaii (Pro)

Technical Advisor to the Hawaii Electron Marathon Program (Assist, TA, SA)

Technical Advisor to the Kauai Community College Sunrayce Solar Car Team (Assist, TA, SA)
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